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Free VPN Access

PacificIDC is happy to provide free to use L2TP / IPSec VPN accounts hosted in Los Angeles to anyone who is interested in our services or already does business with us! Learn more and create your free VPN account NOW!

Payment Types

Quick-Deploy Dedicated Servers

CPU & PassMark Score The PassMark Benchmark Score is a value assigned to the performance of a CPU based on 8 benchmarking tests with the totals averaged, to arrive at the final score. The higher the number, the more powerful the CPU is. Cores RAM All drives are server-grade high performance storage. We do not use consumer drives! Storage NIC Every server includes 20TB Monthly Transfer (Bandwidth).
20TB is equal to 20,000GB.
This feature provides you with remote access to your physical server no matter what is current state.
Including access to KVM (Keyboard,Video,Mouse) and Virtual Media (ability to attach a "virtual" disk drive with desired content, ISO, etc).
Intel Core i3-2100T 2,770 2 16GB 1TB SATA 1Gbps OnDemand $68/mo
Intel Xeon X3470 5,200 4 16GB 1TB SATA 1Gbps Yes $78/mo
Intel Core i5-2400 5,822 4 8GB 1TB SATA 1Gbps OnDemand $88/mo
Intel Core i7-2600 8,267 4 16GB 1TB SATA 1Gbps OnDemand $98/mo
Intel Core i7-3770S 8,931 4 16GB 1TB SATA 1Gbps OnDemand $118/mo
Intel Xeon E3-1241v3 10,070 4 16GB 1TB SATA 1Gbps Yes $148/mo
Intel Xeon E5-1650v2 12,518 6 16GB 1TB SATA 1Gbps Yes $198/mo
Dual Intel Xeon X5650 11,687 12 64GB 4x 1TB SATA
1Gbps Yes $318/mo
Dual Intel Xeon E5-2620v3 15,763 12 64GB 1TB SATA 1Gbps Yes $348/mo
Automatic Network Optimization via NOCTION

PACIDC uses an IRP (Intelligent Routing Platform) to detect packetloss, congestion & latency and proactively adjust network paths to ensure optimal performance, automatically, 24 hours a day!

Amazing Support. Always.

No translation required. Enjoy communicating with our savvy technical support staff who are truely available 24x7x365.

World-Class DDoS Protection

Superior DDoS detection, protection, and filtration. Continuous research and investment is made to provide an ever-improving and evolving safe-guard against increasingly frequent and debilitating threats.

Facilities at a Glance

Frequently Answered Questions

Is PacificIDC a reseller?

We are not a reseller! PacificIDC is the Asia-pacific optimized brand of Swift Internet, LLC. Swift Internet has a number of hosting brands (this one, SwiftNode, etc.) and each are tailored to a specific niche, with PacificIDC focused on offering optimized hosting services and support in Mandarin!

Do you carry any configurations that are not listed on the website?

While we do offer a variety of dedicated server plans and VPS packages, if you are not finding what you are looking for, or if you are looking for something very specific, please contact us and we would be glad to assist!

Do you price match?

While we always have specials running, we do not typically price match basic configurations due to our pricing factoring in sustainable margins to provide consistently high-quality network and support services. On very custom orders, or orders requiring a lot of bandwidth or IP space, please feel free to discuss with us offers that you are receiving at other providers and we will let you know if we can price match (and if we can't, we'll let you know why). We do not match our resellers, or provide resellers with the same reseller discount level until that level is achieved, all resellers benefit from a safe and fair ecosystem that is designed to allow any serious reseller with an abilty to grow their business successfully by utilizing our hosting platform.

What is your refund policy?

We offer an unconditional 7 day full refund on all services, excluding dedicated servers (we do not offer full refunds on dedicated servers). The complete provisions of our refund policy can reviewed in our Terms of Service.

I am a reseller. What are the advantages of reselling your services?

Resellers can contact us and provide us with details of their configurations and needed requirements. Our reseller program will be fully developed shortly, in the meantime resellers are encouraged to contact us directly for discounts and information.

Why is your network so good?

PacificIDC utilizes over 15 years of real-world experiences to build and provide a network architecture that provides exceptional stability. PacificIDC servers utilize sister-company, SwiftNode’s premium network which is standardized and utilizes industry-leading Juniper(TM) networking gear through every layer of networking. Apart from the Juniper standardized network routing, switching, and aggregation equipment; the network upstreams are hand-chosen to specifically target and optimize routes.

What happens when my server receives a DDoS attack?

When your server receives a DDoS attack, our mitigation system will automatically detect and either filter the DDoS traffic (if you have filtration services), or it will protect your server from receiving bad traffic and associated bandwidth costs by temporarily null-routing the targeted IP until the attack has stopped.

How do I get more IPs?

Unlike some other companies, we make this process easy! When you need more IPs, please contact our sales or support department, our IP pricing is attractive and we will help collect the basic information we need so you will get the IPs you need! Pricing is listed both on order forms (if you are buying additional IPv4 space during your server purchase) as well as on our Upgrades page.

Do you offer discounts if I am not a reseller?

In addition to the promotion that we run each month, we offer discounts for volume purchases of 5 or more servers, as well as on any service that is pre-paid for 6 (or more) months at a time. Please contact us if you have any questions!

Do you allow mailing?

We do allow mass mailing as long as it is legal in the United States. Please contact us before signing up if you are interested in mailing, we’ll need to give you mailing approved IP space.

Will you announce my IP NETBLOCK from ARIN/RIPE/APNIC/AFRINIC?

Yes, and at no additional charge! We will announce your private or directly allocated IP space and route it to your services.

Does your network support IPv6?

Yes! We fully support IPv6 and it is available on any of our hosting services. Please contact us after signing up for IPv6 assistance!